Honolulu Invisalign 7 Ways To Clean Invisalign

7 Ways to Clean Your Invisalign Trays

If Invisalign trays aren’t cleaned properly, they can become dingy, dull or discolored. To get your gleaming smile at the end of your treatment, you need two things — good oral hygiene and clean aligners. The good oral hygiene part is simple — brush and floss your teeth regularly to avoid cav... Read More

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How Crooked Teeth Can Affect Your Health

Having straight teeth contributes to more than your self-confidence — it plays a large role in your health overall. According to studies by the American Dental Association, crooked teeth is linked to serious health complications such as heart disease, stroke, pneumonia and diabetes. Strain Whe... Read More

Traveling with Invisalign

Traveling with Invisalign

Whether it’s a vacation or business trip (we hope it’s a vacation), traveling will definitely alter your Invisalign routine. Here are a few tips to keep top of mind when preparing for your excursion. Travel Tips Always take your previous set, your current set and your next set with you. That way... Read More